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  • Oluwasegun Kuforiji

The Journey

Poem by Oluwasegun Kuforiji

This is a journey we'll embark on,

we'll both thread on the perky roads with our bare feet,

alone as we embrace each other in love,

the dripping blood and hurting feet we'll ignore,

as it's a journey we'll embark on,

but when your strength wears off,

and your feet are immovable,

I'll save my strength and carry you on my naked back,

though the sharp edges on this path cut my skin,

I’ll embrace your skin on my skin,

as I feel your salty tears touch my cut,

I'll ignore the pain it gives,

as it's a journey we'll embark on,

and when my strength wears off,

I won't stop,

and if the pain gets excruciating,

I still won't stop,

and even when I feel you fading off,

I won't stop,

but when my strength fails me,

and I'm losing my breath,

I will lay us on this perky road,

as there's no more blood left for it to perk,

I'll kiss your sweaty lips,

and say my goodbyes,

as I watch you fade while my eyes close,

because we embarked on the journey and finished in each other’s arms.


Oluwasegun Kuforiji hails from the western part of Nigeria. He graduated with BA in German Studies (European Studies) and he currently works in Customer Service. His introduction to literature in High School helped him develop an interest in poetry and ever since it’s being hard for him to let go.

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